Thursday, August 20, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

Another Burritoville rises from the dead--next to a former Burritoville! On 23rd and 8th Ave... If they all move back to their old vicinities, maybe the dead Bald Man spot in the EV will be a new old Burritoville?

As the Brooklyn ice-cream wars rage on, Mister Softee says ice-cream haters tend to be "New Age parents whose kids can’t seem to do anything without them." [NYT]

Welcome back Fedora! [Eater]

Reverend Billy makes the ballot for mayor of NYC. [LM]

SuperDive's frattiness beloved by TONY. [EVG]

Advertisers get even more obnoxious--as DirectTV is dropping these football-related "welcome mats" on everybody's doorstep across the Village:


L'Emmerdeur said...

Welcome mats on the sidewalk? Isn't that littering? Shouldn't they be fined? Calls into 311 complaining about the littering should get them a nice big fine, and get a couple of fratty advertising punks fired.

Anonymous said...

They dropped them in front of the doors on the UES last week. I agree - fine them!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that these "guerilla" type advertisers build the cost of fines into the campaign budgets. So they don't even care if they are fined.

Maybe the mats should be defaced and thrown back in front of the Direct TV offices. :)

Ken Mac said...

Burritoville rules, glad they're making a comeback.

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd love Rev Billy to be mayor of NYC (it would definitely be interesting, for sure) I'm concerned that all he'd be doing is just taking votes away from BILL THOMPSON, who has emerged as Mike Bloomberg's only serious challenger.

Bloomberg has been a decent mayor, but ultimately the rampant overdevelopment and slow demolition of NYC, as well as the cultural deferment to upper classes was on his dime and HIS FAULT.

Anonymous said...

got mine this morning. what a waste! As for littering, not really. It's no worse than when supermarkets toss 50 flyers on my doorstep.

Unknown said...

I gotta say that Mr. Softee doesn't have a right to talk. The quality of that truck ice cream has gone down so much in recent years. It used to be creamy but now has taken on more of a strofoamy texture. Hey any ice cream battle that brings MORE ice cream to the city instead of yogurt on every bleeping corner, works for me!