Friday, August 14, 2009

*Everyday Chatter

NYC really is turning into one big dorm/frat/sorority house--because today's newcomers admit they are terrified of the new and the different, and being alone makes them very anxious. Says one broker, they're no different than the immigrants who came through Ellis Island. You know, just more of those poor, huddled masses. [NYDN]

What happens when you just want to complain but you're not sure why? [Blah]

This interview, in which the self-proclaimed "high-class bitches" of Scores weigh in on politics, makes me really miss the old-school gals of Billy's Topless and the Baby Doll Lounge. [BB]

Revisit the 1980s EV on flickr. [EVG]

The Loews Village 7 has started showing classic films on Sundays. This weekend it's Casablanca. Next up--Hitchcock and more. Check out the schedule here:

If you don't have the coglionis to enjoy Manganaro's in person, or if you just want to whet your appetite before your next trip, check out the Bourdain video (begins at 4:50). [youtube]

8/27: Hear New York Stories from a Brooklyn mortician, a flophouse photographer, and the big gay ice-cream man. [Gelf]

Yes, the Howl! Festival is happening this year--kicking off with some performance art on 9/3. [EVH]

Visit New York's long-gone underground clubs. [BB]

The Bowery Boombox is alive and well. [Boogie]


Anonymous said...

My checklist for best spots growing up in New York that will never come back...or will they?

- Sound Factory
- Mars/Ocatgon- Big Daddy Kane was chillin next to me like it was nothin. Yes that used to happen here.
- Red Zone
- Harmony Lounge (Best strip joint ever)
- Soul Kitchen
- The $10 Hooker spots on Roosevelt ave in Woodside/Jackson Heights. Not that I ever went but knowing they were there meant the world was right in it's balance.

To bad for the poor little college babies who don't feel like they belong. Unfortunately for your sobs, the difference between college grads and real immigrants is that most immigrants were FLEEING a hostile environment in there home country when they arrived here. The only thing today's College grads are fleeing is there MOM and DADS boring lives in Jersey and beyond. That's why we called you Bridge and Tunnel, we always knew you'd go home. But then Bloombergh made it safe for you to stay. Doh!

Cav said...

Even Flushing Meadows Corona park is a place to have a frat house toga party except that they called it "performance art".
Check it out:

Cav said...

I might also add regarding the NYDN piece with the borker comparing recent college grads moving to NYC being like immigrants who came through Ellis Island: What the &*^%$ are you talking about !
So suburban yunnies are like my grandparents who immigrated through Ellis Island in 1905, not being able to speak English, no money or job skills, some degree of discrimination and living in ethnic ghettos because of this ?
How can these yunnies seriously try to compare themselves to past immigrants to justify their self-centered, spoiled sense of entitlement in changing the city to suit their whims. I'd like to meet the guy who made that statement and kick him right in the balls. Of all the nerve !

Anonymous said...

Manganaro's is the best Chicken Parm in NYC.

c.o. moed said...

I tried reading about the new immigrants. but having my grandparents insulted like that was even too much for me.

pwlsax said...

The immigrant culture of old is honored today because it faced serious, group oppression: racial, religious, national, political, economic.

The yunnie culture is not facing any such oppression. It's hardly even a culture, really, just a demographic of pseudo-individuals.

New York did not grow and become great through such people as these. No, we can't shove 'em out. But we can demand they at least respect what the place is all about - and that it's not about them.