Monday, July 28, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

As New York enters its "worst fiscal crisis since the mid-1970s," fashionistas are decking themselves out in Depression-era duds. What's that line about fiddling as Rome burns? [EVG]

With doubling rent, Judy's Better Dresses, a shop with the personal touch, closes after 40 years in midtown. [Times]

Nice to see Ralph Blumenthal is back from Texas and writing very funny articles like this almost-parody in which Staten Islanders bid a tearful farewell to their beloved Starbucks. [Times]

Remember the Love Coffee truck, rolling around the city claiming to be related to Mud Coffee? Well, it looks like they're opening a brick-and-mortar location up on quiet little Pleasant Ave. in East Harlem:

When I read this story (check out those comments) about exclusive club the Eldridge, I thought, this has to be a satire. It was too perfect, too over the top, like this work-of-art condo parody. But the Eldridge is real (I think). Thankfully, the so-called Ko-Thario has released a satire of the Eldridge, describing his own super-secret club, where A-listers will be drinking the blood of Gretchen Mol. [Grub St.]

Ko-Thario, aka Seth Gordon, is also the inventor of the $12,000 knish. Glad to see someone smart is mocking this Vongerichtification madness.

Grub Street also alerts us to this pretty great video-walk with Florent Morellet through the Meatpacking District, where transgender sex workers once traversed the cobblestones steady on their stilettos, and where now "Sex and the City wannabe girls" fall off their Manolos. [Grub St.]


Anonymous said...

Noooo, not Gretchen Mol. She's not a pretentious, narcissistic, Generation O, talentless, wannabe. They should have said SJP, or Anna Wintour, or any of those Gossip Girls or The Hills cast.

boweryboogie said...

does losing your livelihood and possible suicide come with that outfit? i wonder.

Anonymous said...

In regards to that fiscal crises thing, I think you got the line correct. "As Rome burned, Nero fiddled," or something to that effect (actually the contemporary accounts said he played his lyre, since the fiddle was still many centuries from being invented ;).
Anyway, I think this depression-era fashion thing is a good indication of just how childishly unprepared our current upperclasses are for comprehending the real-life consequences of not running the economy in a sane manner. "Depression? Like, OMG, total vintage-chic!" I wonder what they think a depression would actually be like for them: two pairs of $800 jeans a month instead of four? $16 drinks instead of $32? Fewer gold shit-pills?
I think they're in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of satires of the Eldridge. Seth Gordon did a great job. - BN

L'Emmerdeur said...

Every single episode in this car wreck has come hard and fast. They said it would take many years for housing prices to correct, it would be an "orderly decline"... and yet housing has crashed 20%, as much as the stock indexes, in around the same period of time.

New York wasn't even talking about the budget a year ago, other than when it was late. Now, in one short year, we went from booming-business-as-usual to OMGWTFBBQWE'REALLGONNADIE.

Hold your breath - it's going to show up very very soon on your corner, too.