Thursday, July 24, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Remember the old "it's better than a Starbucks" rationale for embracing Varvatos on the Bowery? Well, it has spread to CB3, as members invoke the "magic words" that allow more and more frat-boy bars into the EV/LES. [SLES]

Those Sex and the City tours have finally given the people of Perry Street a break and scratched "Carrie's stoop" from their route. Still, the tour creator is upset. Also worth noting, Bleecker Playground is “'an absolute hellhole' due to another Sex and the City tour side effect--cupcake liners strewn on the ground." Says one resident of the tours, “First of all, it’s pointless and stupid... It is such a failure of imagination. Why would people visiting New York City waste their time with a fake location on TV?” [Villager]

At least one New Yorker has named her baby after the Magnolia bakery. Will it become a trend? [NYer]

"Parker came to symbolize an image of New York City over the last 10 years as a place of conspicuous consumption and carefree frivolity...Now, with reports of Broderick out with a woman half his age he met at a bar, and Parker running around town frantically searching for him, some are wondering if the New York of Sex and the City is officially over." [AMNY]

Heartening news (to some): Transgender sex workers are returning to the West Village, now playfully known as "Times Square South." [Villager]

Take a look inside the doomed Frankie & Johnnies of Times Square. And "meow" to you, Miss Meriweather. [GVDP]

Go for a ride on New York's still-spinning carousels. [BBs]


Anonymous said...

On a recent night, the trash cans in the little park next to the playground were overflowing with trash from the Magnolia Bakery. I hope the Bakery pays their fair share for the trash pick up services.

boweryboogie said...

When it comes to the crowded streets of the LES, I'll take a chain store over a bar any day.

The last thing we need is more Hummer Limos on the weekend, busing in yuppie/yunnie trash.

Anonymous said...

The Sex and the City tour can re-route their destination to Charles Street where SJP actually lives. See how that feels, Carrie Bradshaw; this is what you've brought to NYC.

Anonymous said...

I'm naming my dog Jeremiah Moss.

Anonymous said...

New York is a sad shadow of its former self. When artists move to Buffalo in know whats really happening.

Since when are

esquared™ said...

And the hits keep on coming, Scary Sadshaws leave, enter Girls.

The Sex and the City Tour Bus Company Plans One For Girls : complete with "rustic cafes and mimsy cupcake shops."