Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

New blog in town: In BoweryBoogie, a Lower East Sider jumps on the blog bandwagon and here looks at the correlation between dogshit and gentrification.

Empower Jim Power!
Looks like the Mosaic Man has a new website and blog. He is also in need of funds. [EJP]

What we lose when we lose mom-and-pops:
community connections. Here, the old New Barber Shop on 9th and 18th puts up an announcement about a death in the neighborhood and info about the funeral. Chains, condos, and upscale restaurants don't do that:

Penmanship, the restaurant to replace Kurowycky Meats on 1st Ave between 7th and 8th in the EV, was approved for its liquor license "with provisos about closing early and keeping the noise level low." Here's what we might expect, from the same owner. [Eater]

I reported on the closing of Grace & Hope Mission this past spring. Today we hear it's turning into a frat-boy bar. [Curbed]

Chelsea's getting yet another 20-story condo-hotel tower. [Curbed]

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