Tuesday, July 22, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

The 10th Street Block Association is praying the Canadians who bought Commerce Bank will save them from "excessive and garish signage." But I doubt the Canucks can do much about the proliferation of petty nuisance crime on the street:

Read this interview with the anonymous blogger behind the funny-sad satirical StuyTownLuxLiving, about which "Management is not amused." [Times]

New, super-chic bar on the LES will have butlers and only let in "quality people"--it will also be disguised as a "new and used" bookstore. Remember those places? We used to have lots of real ones around here. [Grub St.] (Check out the Eater comments.)

Yuppies, yunnies, and now yupres: "new and temporary arrivals" who will eventually go "shuffling off to middle America, suburbia or Los Angeles. Despite this, they define the (cultural) economy of New York." [Ventriloquism] via [Gawker]

How can we stop the flood of condos and chains? Pirate up! Hey, it works in Everglades City, Florida. [Yahoo]

Everybody wants a piece of the luxury action, including the condo that replaced the Cedar Tavern, despite its being a veritable Fedders box--here it gets its luxe banner on:


Anonymous said...

JM--Did you see that the "butlers"' duties include "sprinkling real gold flakes" onto the drinks? More 24-carat shit and piss for the well-off--it's kind of what the LES is becoming known for!

Anonymous said...

It's time for Patrick Bateman's return: yunnies and yupres are new issues for him. BTW, where do these yupres live? Minimum wage doesn't cut Manhattan rent. Perhaps Messrs. Rangel and Paterson could offer them a little space.

Anonymous said...

We are living in an age in which the wealthy literally EAT AND SHIT GOLD!!!!! It's a wonderful image for our age, especially for the insight it given into the state of mind of our current young gentry. You know what you're dealing with when it comes to people who actually pay $24,000 for a burger with gold flakes on it just so later they can admire their sparkling shits before flushing them away forever. Then, when you think about it further, and you realize that these same people's favorite hobby is RAISING YOUR RENT BY PERCENTAGES OF 100 so they can buy more gold flakes, the realities of our current social situation become very very clear.

Also, these "yupres" don't need Rangel's help; they have mom and dad. Haven't you seen the ads in realestate office windows that say "this condo would make a great 'starter apartment' for your kid!"? Housing is not a difficult thing for our young elite to get, regardless of whatever job (if any) they might be holding. They live in a very different world.

Jeremiah Moss said...

king, how could i have missed that detail? thanks for pointing it out!

Anonymous said...

More than 100 years after our impoverished forebears braved harsh Atlantic passage to arrive to a crushingly populated Lower East Side in search of streets paved with gold, local residents may now finally see such glistening thoroughfares on a Sunday morning by walking by the previous night's glistening residue of piss and vomit heretofore glimpsed only in Auric Goldfinger's commode.