Monday, July 14, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Yuppies are beginning to flee the city, because "anything would be easier than New York." [EVG]

Wall Streeters are now considered New York's "real estate pariahs" as co-ops and lenders reject them left and right. [NYT]

Meanwhile, Yippies hold on to their holdout hang-out on Bleecker. [CR]

New amenity: Beaver House offers "Beaver Butler" so you can watch girls pillow-fight each other in their underpants when you're not at home. [NYO]

Another take on Friday's Slacktivist protest and mixed feelings about Mr. Two Boots pizza. [NYO]

If you missed the Giglio celebration in Williamsburg, you can still catch a night dance on Thursday and another on Sunday. [GL] and [Feast Site]

Villager editorial takes on Ekonomakis and "temporary mansion" trend. [Villager]

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