Thursday, July 17, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Eve Salon on Bleecker has the following "keep smiling" goodbye poster in their window. They're moving to make room for Kate Spade, according to a rumor on Racked. The salon's been there for 25 years. And more upsetting (to me, anyway) is that its neighbor, Biography Bookshop, will most likely be gone within the year. With the bookshop and the news about Nusraty, we're seeing the last vestiges of Bleecker vanish into thin air. I guess SJP's concerns about the "Marc Jacobs effect" are true. She should probably say goodbye to her framer friend:

Protesters demonstrated against the rezoning of the EV/LES, which fails to protect Chinatown and the Bowery. [NYT] ...A commenter leaves a link to this must-see video.

Taxi Ray gets an obituary at last. [City Hall]

New blogs in town: Ken Mac, the blogger behind Greenwich Village Daily Photo, just launched MacDougal Street Noise to fight against "local noise, filth, and evil." This with his also newly launched blog about Walking the Highline. Check them out, he just had a birthday.

Party at the Elk Hotel, Times Square's last flophouse, with Grieve. [EVG]

The Market Diner might be (re)opening soon. [Urbanite]

Rolando finds some colorful bits of old Times Square in a TV show. [Urbanite]

And if you're fascinated by the Fascination parlor in the link above, check out this interior shot of the joint:


Ken Mac said...

Thanks for posting info re my new blog, you are moving fast! I just created that site..haven't even acted on it yet. First plan...posting handbills up and down my block to alert the locals...your post will surely help!

Anonymous said...

used to go there, if you took your tickets to the newsstand around the corner they would pay you out in cash