Thursday, July 10, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Scene at 2nd Ave and 10th St:
Woman: It's a new fro-yo place, hooray!
Man: Oh good. What's it say?
Woman: 16 Hindles. What's a hindle?
Man: 16 Hindles? That's a catchy name. Hey, let's go out for some hindles!
Woman: Ha-ha, yeah!

How do you know the Bowery has become the Vegas Strip? McNally, top-shelf drinkers, and women's shoes. And as for you people in wheelchairs, be warned, you are "history." [Colonnade]

Observe these rules for raising urban babies (and dealing with people who are raising urban babies) from one Park Slope parent to the rest. [BlogN] via [Gawker]

Cloning Bloomie? "At charity balls and board meetings, on putting greens and in telephone conversations, New York’s corporate titans are on the hunt: Michael R. Bloomberg will end his reign as mayor in 18 months, and they are desperate to find someone from their ranks to take his place." [NYT]

Put a toad in your hole at Myers of Keswick. [SEats]

Glad to see Irving Lederich's Truemart Discount Fabrics is going strong--and the word schmata still gets tossed around the place. [BlogC]

Does Florent's exit from Meatpacking signal its economic death? [NYO]

...Just as Meatpacking is designated a quarantined "No-Go Zone" filled with "smug Brits," "lumbering SUVs," and "women from Jersey" in stilettos. [Gawker]

A VNY reader sent in this shot of the Truffles condo in Tribeca and asks, "Who are the swine exactly?"


Anonymous said...

I don't eat fro-yo for fear of getting love hindles.

Colonnade Row said...

WTF is a hindle, anyway? Bad/dumb names often mean a short life span for whatever it's worth.

Jeremiah Moss said...

it's actually 16 Handles, but the A in their logo looks like an I

Anonymous said...

what's a handle??

Anonymous said...

Useless Trivia Moment: When you said (or rather transcribed) "hindles," the first thing I thought of was Hindle Wakes, which is a northern English (Lancashire, I think) dish. Basically it's a whole stewed chicken, stuffed with a bread stuffing studded with almonds and diced prunes and served with a lemon sauce. If 16 Hindles -- sorry, Handles -- served up some of that, I might eat it, but something tells me that their target market would not be terribly keen to try it.

Anonymous said...

At this point in my young life I know well over 100 native New Yorkers who have moved out of the city and surrounding boroughs to various states along the east coast.

They were all for the most part decent, honest, hard working people.

Just walking the city streets today and seeing who has replaced them now truly angers me. Disgusts me. This city is in serious trouble. I do not want to even imagine 5 years from now. The yunnie filth truly is a plague.

Things may get to the point where one may be forced to leave the island of Manhattan entirely in order to surround ones self with Native New Yorkers.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, tell me about it. I'm really thinking about packing up and just moving upstate - for both financial and aesthetic reasons. I went to college up there and while I missed the bustle and vibrancy of city living the people up there were a thousand times more genuine and interesting than the vapid drones which have overrun the city. For the time being I'm sticking it out down here and hoping against hope for things to turn around but if that longshot doesn't pull through I may very well have to throw in the towel and write this town off for good. If you have an infected limb it's eventually going to get to the point where it's more gangrene than healthy flesh, and that's when you just have to cut your losses and amputate despite all the sentimental attachment you had for it (or more aptly what it used to be).