Friday, May 30, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Is the new Stuy-Town Heaven or Hell? [NYO]

Mmm...the Belmore Cafeteria. [Urbanite]

False crap alarm at Ruby's, it was just dirt. [Curbed]

Michael Perlman, savior of diners, has a new cause in Queens: the 91-year-old Ridgewood Theater. Looking to invest? Click here.

Cheyenne Diner is about to make its move to Red Hook. [Urbanite]

I spoke too soon when I said the entire block of 6th Ave between 17th and 18th except for a holdout frame shop was closing down--that holdout frame shop? It ain't holding out anymore. Their move means every single business on the block has been pushed out:

The city has been giving millions of dollars in tax breaks to chain stores and bupkis to mom-and-pops. [Times]

Oh boy, an SATC "schadenfreudian delight," my favorite! [EVG]
NYC not gritty enough for the movies--requires artful grittifying for that authentic NYC look. [Gothamist]

Saw this parked outside BBQ in the EV. For a minute I thought I was in Bush country, then I remembered, it's the new New York and the Joneses are here:


Anonymous said...

On NYC not gritty enough:

I work right by Greenwich Village and saw this crew having a photo shoot of a model whereby in the background they had fake graffitis on a fake poster on a fake boarded up store. Unbelievable. Why supersede NYC with sanitized condos and then create a fake neighborhood similar to the one that was supplanted?

On a separate note, J,I think it'd be nice if the links to your blog open up in another tab or window. There are just times that I find myself at Gawker and wondering why the hell am I reading this. Just a thought. Great blog, by the way. You can edit this last part of the comment.

Anonymous said...

Re: that patriotic van. Could it be part of the publicity blitz for Scott McClellan's tell-all which has managed to shove Barbara Walters' bodice ripper out of the limelight?

L'Emmerdeur said...

Until we convince the CDC that Staten Island is inhabited by infectious zombies, and they quarantine and sterilize it, such vans will find their way into the city.

esquared™ said...

Perhaps the tide is turning: we may be seeing less pink in the city (Blondes not having more fun -- at least on Broadway). I'm hoping SATC is the next one to disappear.