Wednesday, May 28, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Despite dire predictions this winter, the Russo Realty visual smorgasbord is still standing strong. ForgottenNY's coverage is definitely worth checking out, by the way.

Remember when I said pink + cupcake + SATC = the destruction of Bleecker? Here's more proof. You have to see it to believe it. [Racked]

At last night's SATC premiere an "angry crowd surged against police barricades, cursing and stomping their Manolo Blahniks." Is it real? Is it a nightmare? Will somebody please turn this into a zombie movie? [NYDN]

In the film A Hole in a Fence, visit Red Hook's industrial decay, graffiti artists, and more as they prepare to vanish in the shadow of gentrification and the coming Ikea. [Gothamist]

While we're in Red Hook, check out this great sign on Van Brunt. Little dogs are not exempt from capital punishment! Especially those carried around in designer handbags:

The Tower of Toys was like many urban creations that "served as demarcation lines, stopgaps against encroaching gentrification." And now it's gone. [EVG]

Gammablog is putting together video of the Toy Tower's deconstruction. [GB]

More Blade Runner-style giant ads coming to our city. The Apocalypse is upon us. [Times] via [Curbed]

Owner of the Vongerichtified Beatrice Inn says, "Obviously, it’s become one of the best places in the world of all time." [NYO]


Anonymous said...

I just saw a few seconds of last night's SATC movie premiere on the news this morning.

What little I saw was enough to make me sick to my fucking stomach.

If only an out of control tractor trailer or taxi cab were to have somehow managed to plow its way through that entire crowd of SATC fans standing on the sidewalk yesterday.

If only.

Anonymous said...

Obama/Bloomberg? What is Lord Bloomberg's contribution to the ticket? As little foreign policy as Obama himself, and, if Clinton would be a distraction for Obama with journos and photogs sniffing in her wake, not to mention that husband of hers- the world's biggest attention-whore- well, then, would Bloomberg be any less so? Bad idea.

I know many see what this city has become under Bloomberg as perfectly goddamned delightful, prosperity and wealth abounding. But I see it somewhat differently- an unrelenting wave of greed, avarice, and narcissism. But, that's just me. What can I tell you?

The Beatrice Inn. Chloe's Brother? Really? Wow, taking one's leisure in a room full of overbearing, preeening yunnies strenously showing to all that they're having such a marvelous time! Uh, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

where was the police brutality and tazer-happiness when it was needed?

Anonymous said...

Bleecker St. defiled by a group of obese females in pink! The Entitled are excluded from SATC premiere. The Beatrice Inn is the center of the world. Golden children, China got an earthquake, and Manhattan gets those sisters, Hubris and Nemesis, sipping their Cosmos.

Anonymous said...

Cops don't taze and beat the rich and fabulous (whatever their behavior). They save that for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

yeah but just close your eyes and imagine what that would look like...some 'roided up goon from rockland county manhandling a primadonna while his partner tazers her tiny dog into a black spot on the sidewalk. a gaggle of blank-eyed women watching with hands on chests attempting an emotional response, waiting their turn for some attention, any attention for the love of god TOUCH US NOW COPS! Just like at hunk-o-rama!

a NYer can dream...BTW doesnt it make your skin crawl to think of all the wackness calling themselves New Yorkers now? Onwards with the devaluation of everything!

Anonymous said...

What would Nathaniel West say about the SATC premiere? And those women, they think they're beautiful. Look at Kim's neck: another case of the aging process being unkind. SJP's unbridled egomania is a just cause for civic concern. The mob standing in line: do they have jobs, work, WTF? The Statue of Liberty must be thinking about swimming back to France. The Big Apple is officially Ho Town!

hoover factory said...

Here's a SATC: Le Film writeup sure to warm your cockles, from Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeffrey Wells.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the SON OF SAM BERKOWITZ thinks of all of this SATC bullshit unleashed upon his city within the past 10 years?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Berkowitz would be thrilled. Didn't he have a penchant for white girls in their 20's?

Anonymous said...

"It must be remembered that even the most severely and obviously disabled psychopath presents a technical appearance of sanity, often with high intellectual capacities and not infrequently succeeds in business or professional activities for short periods, some for considerable periods. Although they occasionally appear on casual inspection as successful members of the community, as able lawyers, executive or physicians, they do not, it seems, succeed in the sense of finding satisfaction of fulfillment in their own accomplishments. Nor do they, when the full story is known, appear to find this in an ordinary activity."

A psychopath doesn't know that he is one (that means you Joshua). So, Joshua, you need to get your head out of Jeremiah's ass. You're so dependent on him. You're the one stalking Jeremiah.

Jeremiah, much respect and admiration for what you do here, but some of your commenters are just full of hate and are narrow-mindedness (no different than the "if you're not with us, then you're against us mentality.

Have nice life people.

Anonymous said...

Hey KnicksBasketballNY, you're a loser much your beloved Knicks. It takes one to route for a loser.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm confused. Much love and respect to Jeremiah for what he does here? You APPROVE of his anti-gentrification views? Or is this just the path of least resistance?
Since I didn't address any comments to Jeremiah on this page, and you make references to comments I've made to previous Anons, I'll assume you're the same guy whose been scurrying around here leaving more threatening commentary to me than a grade school love letter. If you want to argue so bad, why don't stick to the same threads and use the same names, man?

Jerry, I'm starting to feel guilty about this. I don't want this feud I seem to be in to distract from the content of this site, but this guy is like a puppy. Any suggestions?

Jeremiah Moss said...

i'm confused too. my suggestion is let's move on from this thread and enjoy the lovely day.