Monday, May 12, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Last night was the 6B Garden goodbye party for Eddie Boros' Tower of Toys. People came bearing cameras--at least 100 showed--and the press is all over it. The story made it to 1010 WINS (the first thing I heard yesterday morning when my clock radio went off), WNYC was there, and The Times did a story on this "sad, dilapidated memorial to a time gone by.” Bob Arihood has pics and so does Lorcan Otway. And here's a link to mine.

While karaokers were singing "Tiny Dancer" a man was shot this weekend at Sing Sing on 6th and A. (He's OK.) If you think this means the EV is going back to its wild west ways, let me say it again: "Tiny Dancer." [Grieve]

Speaking of the old EV, visit 2nd and B back in the day. [FlamingP]

Stroller nazis of Park Slope cut the line and demand on-the-spot flat fixes. [Curbed]

Ready to drop $50,000 for a Circle Line cruise? This "Gold Plate" special has everything a multimillionaire could want--almost. Why no gold-shit pills? [Gothamist]

As the EV is turned into a frat house block by block, the frat-boyification knows no bounds--here's a young guy who works a lot, has a lot of space in his apartment, and therefore requires a girl roomie to walk around in her underpants. [E in NY]

Time Out names the Avalon Chrystie fishbowl as one of the best places in the city to watch people having sex. Maybe those glass condos are good for something:


Anonymous said...

Y'know, I drove by that big power plant on Kent Avenue by South 11th or 12th and saw that the demolition was getting under way. Such a beautiful structure. It brings a tear my eye, Jeremiah. Brings a big fat tear to my eye...


Anonymous said...

In yesterday's times: "Park Slope: Where Is the Love?"