Wednesday, May 7, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

VNY reader BaHa offers a taste of Economy Candy, one of the last old holdouts of the LES. [ELE]

Woody's filming in NYC again after a long hiatus from our deadened city. He said, "There are certain areas that have not been encroached upon too much... But once they put up those big new buildings, it looks the same as Houston." That's Houston, Texas, not Houston Street. Oh, is there a difference? [Urbanite]

This stuff about Veniero's (temporary!) closure--where in NYC are there not mouse droppings? [Eater]

Gotta love this Oniony Stuy-Town satire. [StuyTown] via [Curbed]

Whatever you do, do not sit on any wooden subway benches! [NYShitty]

May 22: Join the save Coney Island freak show/protest. [Gothamist]

The graffiti additions to this ad make a pic too good to ignore, concealing as it does an old Kelvinator ghost sign. Looks like someone's a little nipplephobic:

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