Monday, May 19, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

11th and 2nd: I went to this oft-frequented bodega this weekend to find it suddenly eaten by its neighbor, Carerra wine bar. Another casualty in the war on East Village bodegas. I guess they're keeping the awning for irony--and to confuse people like myself who go looking for a Coke to sneak into a movie at Village East:

Just as Woody returns to film in the East Village, could the 2nd Ave Deli also be coming back? [Eater]

A couple with a high-gloss crash/party pad, a glass box containing glass boxes decorated with 11 televisions and 0 books, say: "We don’t need to have books out. We know that we know how to read." I guess they don't know that they know how to watch TV? [NYMag]

This weekend, the annual Ukrainian festival carried on like a trooper in the dark shadow of a giant, scary crane and Cooper Union's ever-rising beast, to which they supposedly surrendered amicably:

Chinatown and the Lower East Side are under siege and the residents are screaming back. [Villager]

A 101-year-old metalworking shop leaves Soho to make room for yet another condo. [Times] And here's the movie version: [City Room]

May 22: Save Coney Island and say NO WAY to luxury high-rises and mega-malls as Thor's "Summer of Hope" kicks off. [GL] via [Curbed]

Christians are upset over "Slutbucks" new old logo. Told ya it was a big pagan vagina. [HuffPo]


Anonymous said...

I saw that wine bar in a bodega yesterday. Thanks for confirming that it wasn't my imagination.

Anonymous said...

Woody's going to be filming in the EV? I guess it's become gentrified enough even for him.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that's a great idea. Keeping it real, east village shitty, while gentrifying it at the same time!

JakeGould said...

The "Atlantic City" awning should be saved. It took me a while to realize that the 1980s/1990s newsstand bus trip tradition doesn't exist anymore. And that's quite possibly the last remnant of the working class quirkiness of NYC back in the day.

What else could better exemplify folks who live in NYC but still have aspirations, but still can't make it to Port Authority to grab a real bus?