Thursday, May 29, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Here are some pics of that SATC mob scene. I keep imagining a modern version of the Maenads, with their "violence, bloodletting, sexual activity, self-intoxication, and mutilation." [Racked]

Speaking of bacchanalias, I do so love hearing about the A Building's crazy pool parties. Especially when they involve hedge fund guys taking drunken craps on the floor. [Curbed]

And speaking of crap on the floor, Bloomberg's really upset that his part in the SATC movie ended up on the cutting room floor. [City Room]

16th Street gets more condoschmerz as old #335 is bookended by the opened Modern and the soon-to-open Condominiums @ 333, which comes complete with an odd-looking round escape hatch in the roof--maybe they'll put in a fireman's pole. Now that's an amenity. But don't worry about the old tenants of #335--they won't feel squeezed because they're leaving. SVA signed a lease for the whole building, which is owned by Tyco. Remember them?

Ruby's of Coney Island is shuttered by the Board of Health after a guy taking a leak falls through the floor into a pile of shit surrounded by rats bigger than dogs. Now that's New York! Here's more on Ruby's from last summer. [NYO]

Where once was a community clinic, there will now be a gated condo. [Curbed]

Indulge in more mourning for the Bowery. [Voice]

Worth checking out: a lovely exhibit of drawings by AK Corbin at the Ansonia pharmacy on 6th Ave and 10th St.

Take a video tour of sailors' tattoos--hot stuff. [City Room]

Then take a walk on rapidly vanishing Fulton Street, where condos are fast replacing scruffy little shops and bars, like Ryan's. Even if they could co-exist, the yunnies won't stand for dirty floors--though, as we read earlier, they will take craps on their own floors. [EV Grieve]


Anonymous said...

The quote in the first Observer piece says it all:

“Coney Island would be soulless without Ruby’s"

So, so true.

Anonymous said...

I find those pictures of the SATC premiere extremely disturbing.

Especially the first and last one.

One of the comments mentioned striking them all down with lightning but I would recommed something much more harsh than even that.

How about dropping bowling balls on them from the rooftop of one of the surrounding buildings?

Anonymous said...

Better be a narcissist than a psychopath. C'mon, you're making David Berkowitz a saint and a hero.

Keep collecting your welfare checks, especially you Joshua.

# Glibness/superficial charm.
# Grandiose sense of self-worth.
# Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
# Pathological lying
# Conning/manipulative
# Lack of remorse or guilt
# Shallow affect
# Callous/lack of empathy
# Parasitic lifestyle
# Poor behavioral controls

# Early behavior problems
# Lack of realistic, long-term plans
# Impulsivity
# Irresponsibility
# Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
# Juvenile delinquency
# Revocation of conditional release
# Criminal versatility

Coup d'Taco said...

"Ruby's of Coney Island is shuttered by the Board of Health after a guy taking a leak falls through the floor into a pile of shit surrounded by rats bigger than dogs. Now that's New York!"

This is my main issue with this blog in a nutshell. While I believe that gentrification is a problem in this city, not every change to disrupt the fabric of New York is bad. Some, are in fact, good. And yes I know the comment was made with a sarcastic tone, but it detracts from the author's credibility

Anonymous said...

A saint?
A hero?

Surely by now you all should already know that he did not act alone.

Wicked king wicker.
22 disciples of hell.
John Wheaties.

^ More than likely half if not more than half of those people are still alive.

I cannot speak for them but more than likely they are also not pleased with the filthy Gen O trash roaming all over the streets of this city.

But instead of continuing where they left off more than 30 years ago...
They all probably have already moved far far far away from here years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry, I think I have a stalker! Boy, I must've touched a lot of nerves yesterday ;)

You know, coincidentally enough I was wondering when this guy would start mentioning welfare.

Anonymous said...

Also Tacologic, please be advised that large piles of shit aren't considered nomal whether an area is gentrified or not. So, don't fall under the impression that our pre-gentrification social fabric included socially accepted public pooping. Anyway, need I mention the piles of puke and rivers of piss to be found every morning outside the bars in the more fabulous areas? I never got the impression that these yunnie kids were particularly cleanly. They just hire people to pick it up.
However, it is true that the presence of the wealthy leads to immediate improvements in city services across the board, but you can imagine the joy of this is offset by the reality of being considered one of the dirty things to be gotten rid of.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that checklist that ballbag left was really something. Seems like he's botched his profiler work though. Those characteristics can be applied to each and every one of the little Mommy & Daddy supported parasites who flocked to that premiere, and who feel this city is their own personal mall.

Jeremiah Moss said...

2 things: (1) people with narcissistic personality disorder and sociopaths (formerly known as psychopaths) are on the same spectrum of pathology, one is a more extreme version of the other; and (2) yes, i was being sarcastic about ruby's; true, not all change is bad; actually, i do believe a little muck and a few big rats are good for nyc--who wants to live in a sterile environment?

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Who wants to live in a sterile environment.

Along with the big rats a few out of control taxi cabs crashing through the sidewalks and windows of yunnie restaurants/bars/coffee shops would not be such a bad thing either.

Just as long as nobody gets seriously hurt.

God forbid if one of them were to break a nail or spill some coffee on themselves as they try to escape out of harms way.

Anonymous said...