Friday, January 4, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

It's a sign of the times. Just as I was thinking, Jesus, there's an awful lot of Europeans around my neighborhood these days, I stepped into East Village Wines to find this sign. Euros Accepted:

Good news from the Pennsylvania Hotel: The Historic Districts Council has endorsed the recommendation to preserve the hotel. [Save the Hotel]

I bet this one would die for a Crackberry--here she is, taking up not one but three elderly/disabled seats on the crowded M14 bus. She only looked up once from texting--not when an old lady hobbled onto the bus with a cane, but when someone bumped her boot, which, as you can see, she kept sticking out in the aisle:

More evidence that the city is dying. Specifically, it's starving--for artists. [AMNY via Queens Crap]

Ghosts of New York--an abbreviated look at 2007's lost buildings. [NY Mag]

Find out what's in store for Coney Island at next week's public meetings. [Gowanus L]

East Village business owners are fighting back against chains. Cross your fingers their plans become a reality. [Villager via Curbed]

Papered windows, fixtures for sale, Sucelt is so very cerrado. What will take its place? It's too small for a bank. I predict a Pinkberry or a Red Mango is on its way:


Anonymous said...

shit, 1E=1.10$? are you sure you didn't take that picture in 2000?

L'Emmerdeur said...

Bonus points: all that leather and fur, all those shopping bags, and yet she still wears dirty pants.

You can take the peasant out of the village, but you cannot take the village out of the peasant.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i swear, i took it this new year's eve. but you're right, according to online currency calculators, 1 euro = $1.47. well, at least the old east village mom and pops are stickin it to the carpetbaggers.

Nesta said...

Hmm, and were you taking up a disabled seat as well, right across the aisle? I'm sure the old woman understood you had to get your shot.

L'Emmerdeur said...

Nesta: flaunting your stupidity will not get you closer to that Connecticut mansion and soccer mom lifestyle you so desperately crave.

That looks like a quick shot form a cameraphone held near the hip. Lrn2analyzecandidsnewb.

j said...

i have just read your blog for the first time.
you are fabulous.
i will be visiting.