Friday, January 25, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Is aspirational shopping finally dead? [NY Times]

Sophie's Bar, "the last peg of a dying neighborhood," is up for sale and here's another inside scoop. [Villager]

Is Florent, the original Meatpacking pioneer, the Queen of the neighborhood since 1985, really to close? Not without a fight. [Eater]

The Wackness
may be the first movie to wax nostalgic for New York in the 1990s: "To transform the city to its less gentrified self, the filmmakers threw more garbage on the street, sprayed some more graffiti, painted a mural to Kurt Cobain and obtained a 'Forrest Gump' bus poster. 'There was this unspoken-of good will toward the time,' said Mr. Levine, who was in production the film earlier this week. 'Is the New York of today, which has a Starbucks on every corner, better than pre-1994?' He was proud of the fact that 'It’s one of the first movies to fetishize the 1990s.'" Oh, and it stars Mary-Kate Olsen, too. [City Room]

More college kids to come bulldozing New York neighborhoods. [AMNY]


L'Emmerdeur said...

"Colleges and universities are forecasting unprecedented growth in the coming years."

Wall Street jobs.

Forecasts are just that. Considering how many of these 4-year alcohol binges were financed by the extraction of home equity, I'll short that forecast if someone securitizes it.

Anonymous said...

Painted a mural of Kurt Cobain? What a fuckin' crock. THIS IS NYC, NOT SEATTLE.

Death to revisionism.

Anonymous said...

Word is that the sale of Sophie's/Mona's happened this past week...and it's good news...the bar is staying in the family (read The Villager article and you'll know what I mean...)

Jeremiah Moss said...

that is good news, re: sophie's and mona's. does this mean bob's brother bought the places?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is my understanding -- Bob's brother Rich and a partner...