Tuesday, January 8, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Roger and Dave are closing up shop after 27 years in Chelsea. I like these guys. Very sad. [Racked]

Cafe Gigi on East 9th is closed and gutted--all but a lonely chandelier. I used to go to this place 15 years ago. I remember sitting there with a friend who told me that a friend of hers would flirt with guys across a crowded room by mouthing the words, "olive juice." Try it.

Ask an expert about immigrants on the Lower East Side. [City Room]

Then take a visit to MTV's virtual Lower East Side, aka VLES. Much more on this later, suffice to say for now, I've spent a few hours there recently and it's a fascinating and bizarre experience. [Gothamist] Here I am, in my avatar, bemoaning before the virtual Katz's:

A sad goodbye from Frank's Steakhouse in the Meatpacking District. [Eater]

I'm glad people are locking up their bikes in the East Village, but this is annoying. I had to walk past this one several times, with that tire crowding out half the narrow sidewalk. Come on people, pay attention. You are not alone in the world:


Anonymous said...

OMG Cafe Gigi! That place has been there forever. So good for a cheap meal. I went on my first blind date in college here... memories.

Anonymous said...

On bikes...Jeremiah...the streets here are as crowded with pedestrian traffic as Time Square...I am so with you on using some consideration when parking bikes especially when there are more bike racks than ever. People need to walk, get by in wheel chairs, load and unload and they have to fight sidewalks cluttered with bikes and overly zealous traffic ticketing which makes it even hard to have small businesses

the development, the college kids the spike in tourism and the crowd and clutter do require some thoughtfulness....

Anonymous said...

Perfect solution: Kick the wheel until it's bent and out of the way. That's what I would do. I'm sure they have the $ to buy a new wheel, living in $3,000+ walk up studio and all.