Monday, January 14, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Now what I want to know is, who pays $18,000 for a belt? [NY Mag] via [Racked]

Save Whole Earth Bakery, on St. Mark's since 1978. [SBT]

The Ukrainian B&M Meat Market and European Products on 1st Ave and 7th St has been shuttered for a while now. A flyer says a restaurant is coming and they're looking for a beer and wine license. The hearing is tonight. I am sure they'll have no problem getting it. My fingers are crossed in futile hope this won't be another wine bar spilling obnoxious yunnies onto the sidewalks.

Do we really need 50 million tourists here every year? I sure don't. [Sun]

A profile of Chelsea's cigar makers, including La Rosa Cubana. The owner, who I interviewed here, says he may have to move his 50-year-old shop to Jersey due to high rents. [Chelsea Now]

Second Ave Subway helps murder the city's mom-and-pops. [Metro]

Check out this amazing found art: Still life with rat and Heineken cap? [NY Shitty]


Anonymous said...

Why hate tourists? Seems like the real problem is New Yorkers who want to turn the city into a playground for the rich, not the out-of-towners who spend $120 to see The Lion King. If you're proud of your city, you should be glad to show it off.

L'Emmerdeur said...

I ventured down to the LES on Saturday evening against my better judgment. I remember it being comfortably busy on such a night ten years ago. I swear this time there were 30-40 people PER STREET. Insanity.

guestofaguest said...

By "yunnies" did you mean "yuppies"? Or am I missing something here?

Anonymous said...

Josh, I dislike tourists because many of the kids who came with their parents to see The Lion King, moved here when they got older, bringing their values with them. As a native from the Boogie, I shake my head all the time, when my young co-workers tell me this. One said she moved here because it made her feel like an extra on "Friends."
And guess what? Some of them ARE rich.