Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Bowery Tower

Something big is coming to East 4th Street between 2nd and Bowery. Here's the site today:

pics from my flickr

And here's the near future:

Curbed recently revealed the whole Scarano tower as it rises high above the Bowery -- and, more specifically, above the Salvation Army East Village residence. As the very affluent cavort in their rooftop swimming pool and sip champagne on their terraces, maybe they'll send a few splashes down onto the unwashed masses.

Wired has a few more details and images from this latest luxury monstrosity. The Real Deal says the tower will rise to 22 stories (Curbed says 15) and tells us what's inside, interiors by designer Andres Escobar that will be "comparable to Ian Schrager's luxurious 40 Bond."

Which reminds me, have you walked down Bond lately? There's basically nothing left of the former street, except for the lone Bowery Home Supplies.

Take a look at the website for 52 E. 4. Against a backdrop of downtown-style graffiti, this "Noho like no other" (Noho? That's the Bowery) slideshow gives you a peek into yunnie life, complete with gated driveway, rooftop pool, and robot people.

Reminds me of the Diesel global warming ad campaign -- enjoying their rooftop lounge while the world below drowns.

An anonymous commenter here just called me an "anti-future decay fetishist." When the future looks like this, what other sane reaction can there be?


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Went to the site for 52 E.4th. Is it my imagination, or are they trying to style their logo to resemble the ol' NYHC insignia (circa the Cro-Mags, Murphy's Law, Agnostic Front)? In other words:


L'Emmerdeur said...

"Anti-future decay fetishist".

That'll be twice as humorous when all of this shoddy new construction rapidly deteriorates in 10 years and starts looking more decayed than the old shit it replaced.

Whoever made this comment is a pimple on the ass of America.

Anonymous said...

Get our stylish hard hats ready as the windows fly out in the wind.