Monday, January 7, 2008

*Everyday Chatter

Bad news! Like a pioneer who survived the perilous journey west only to succumb to the harsh winters of that new land, our old Moondance Diner has crumpled under Wyoming's snow. [City Room] [AP]

A guy named Matt who takes cool pictures wants to get his hair cut at every subway barbershop in town. He wants to take their pictures, too, before they vanish. Get more info and please give him a tip if you know of any underground tonsorialists. [Subway Barbers]

Wholesome Foods (?) is coming to Essex and Stanton, just a couple blocks from Whole Foods. Think there'll be a showdown on the LES?

The Garment District is dying fast--and the city's hardly helping. [Chelsea Now]

Take another visit to Streit's--this time with the Times. [NY Times]

Gotta love the recent rise in anti-gentrification graffiti: See "Greed is killing the West Village." [Eater]

The Met Food grocery story on 2nd Ave between 6th and 7th used to be a Ratner's deli. I've gone through its doors a thousand times and never noticed this R before, surely an artifact from Ratner's old floor:


Barbara L. Hanson said...

The "Wholesome Foods" facade has looked as you photographed it for some months now; looks like monetary problems to me.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this last time I took the 14A. What the hell is "Wholesome Foods" anyway?

Anonymous said...

dairy. moishe's was part of it.