Thursday, July 31, 2014

More at 12th and University

The last business to remain open in the former Bowlmor building on 12th and University has closed, leaving no more. University Pita has shuttered.

In their goodbye note, they say they are not relocating.

Around the corner, similarly displaced Japonica is relocating. Their plywood is up with a "coming soon" banner.

Meanwhile, back at Bowlmor, flowers have appeared in the shuttered gate, along with a note, "In loving memory of Marky B."

Mark Braunreuther was Bowlmor's greeter for 16 years. In the Times recently, Jo Certo wrote a memorial goodbye to him, calling him a "benevolent minder, gentleman greeter, peacekeeper on the rowdy corner" and "the mayor of University Place."

Now that every single one of the many small businesses in this building have been pushed out--from Bowlmor to Stromboli Pizza--the luxury condo construction can begin. Already, the hardhats are revving their engines.

University Stationery


Anonymous said...

Reminder: the smoke shop/magazine stand moved directly across the street; Japonica is down the block; and Num Pang will relocate across 12th Street. IT's bad, but it could have been worse.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! Not Japonica!!

Anonymous said...

Japonica is moving back into their original space a block south

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog and was interested as a history buff. I live in LA but visited NYC in the early 70's, ate at Mama Leones even. I just finished reading two months of entries and fell like dying, its so sad. The greedheads rule, nothing else matters. God help you all.