Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lucky Cheng's Goodbye


As I reported here last week, Lucky Cheng's had its last shows this weekend. While they have not changed their phone message, they have now updated the Reservations page on their website to say goodbye:

"After 21 years of entertaining and feeding the masses, we sadly close our doors following the death of our owner Hayne Suthon and her long battle with breast cancer.

We thank you for celebrating your birthdays, bachelorette parties, Girls Night Out, and gatherings. Many of you would celebrate your Sweet Sixteen with us and return years later to celebrate your Bachelorette Party. Again, thank you for letting us be a part of your life."

While on June 28, their Facebook page denounced "inaccurate rumors being spread on social media," today their page has the same goodbye note as above--plus a video of Shirley Bassey singing "The Party's Over." And what a long, wild party it was.

History at Lucky Cheng's
Lucky Cheng's to Close

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Gojira said...

And the bore-ification of New York continues apace.