Thursday, July 10, 2014

El Sombrero Makeover

El Sombrero, aka The Hat, on Ludlow and Stanton is getting a major makeover.

After 30 years in business, after struggling in the changed neighborhood, after attempts to save it failed, El Sombrero closed a few months ago. It was supposed to turn into yet another outpost of the Artichoke pizza chain, but that fell through.

New owners took over in March, promising the keep the El Sombrero name and the old vibe, with a bit of sprucing up. That has meant a total gut renovation. I recently took a peek inside, where it seems to be that "rustic" wood look. Can white subway tiles and Edison bulbs be far behind?

But, oh, there's the old El Sombrero sign, tucked way in the back. Will it be making a return appearance? More importantly, will the margaritas (now in 13 flavors, the new owner told me) still be available in to-go cups?

The Hat on Its Last Legs
Mob the Hat


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful restaurant. Glad it will remain.
East Village Corner

Anonymous said...

So, So, So corny that they are doing that fucking overplayed rustic wood bullshit look, and that plays into the super trendy, generic places that they promised not to become. How sad. Really hope they open up with a heart, and not what I am fearing.

laura r. said...

dont rush to judge-yet. let them finish the job. an ethnic small restauarant is better than a froyo. for now this is semi good news. ("J" thats a good term when we dont see yogart).

Anonymous said...

can subway tiles and edison bulbs be far behind...hahaha. great line.

Giovanni said...

i don't care if they put day-glo roaches mounted on terra cotta tiles on the walls as long as they bring back The Hat this is great news. It's too bad we cannot save Rodeo Bar, which was a neighborhood institution and has a great happy hour until 9PM.

Whether you liked the music or not, its a great neighborhood hangout and place for musicians to perform.

Maybe The Hat can expand and get live bands, otherwise the jukebox playing Juan Luis Guerra y 44 will have to do. Bring on the combo platters and strong margaritas, just hope the sizzling platters do not come back as they double to ozone levels every time some tourist orders one.

Anonymous said...

the "to go" cups were discontinued a few years ago because too many young people were boozing it too freely with them on the streets.

Walter said...

Here's my rant for tonight. I was informed by reliable sources that Morris, the black guy with cerebral palsy, was asked to leave the premises at O'Hanlons because he might make patrons feel uncomfortable. One of the new owner douche bags apparently feels that way. Ergo: Good, decent people should not patronize that place. I hope there will be legal ramifications. Obviously, this policy is in violation of the "Americans with disabilities act". PS:
Sorry to proselytize on your website, Jeremiah. I just feel very irate at this moment.