Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bleecker Bob's to Sushi

A new tenant is finally coming to the Bleecker Bob's space--and it's not fro-yo.

"Miyabi Sushi and Asian Cuisine Coming Soon" read the signs. The Miyabi sushi bar across the street has lost their lease, according to reader Joanne, and is moving in.

After 46 years in business, Bleecker Bob's closed in April 2013, unable to pay the rent hike. Originally, rumor had it that Starbucks would be moving in. That didn't happen.

Then an outpost of the Forever Yogurt fro-yo chain took the space. They put a sign in the window with a record on their logo, an image that EV Grieve called "some sort of macabre tribute."

When the fro-yo deal fell through, Bleecker Bob's posted on their Facebook page: "today we give a big FUCK YOU to the assholes at Forever Yogurt who closed down a 45 year old landmark record store to build a bullshit froyo shop and now pulled out of the lease!!!" The space went back on the market.

So now Bleecker Bob's will be a sushi bar. Better than a Starbucks? Better than a frozen-yogurt joint? At least sushi is a vintage 1980s symbol of yuppies and gentrification? Actually, Miyabi opened in 1976 under a different name.

Bleecker Bob's Closing
Bleecker Bob's to Starbucks?


Jeff said...

All I can think of is this:

79rigid said...

I love it now but for years I thought sushi was something only rich,well dressed New Yorkers ate in swanky,dimly lit "bars".I was young and thanks to movies sushi seemed like such a NY thing.