Friday, July 18, 2014

Clover Barber Shop Sale

For many years, Park Slope's Clover Barber Shop was a lovely spot for a haircut. It shuttered in 2008 and its proprietor, Mr. Riccardelli, passed away last year. Earlier this year the shop got a new tenant--a wine store from down the block. I worried about the fate of the sign, but was unaware that the shop had remained untouched and intact behind its shutters.

Now we hear from a reader that the contents of the shop are currently on sale.

The letters have been removed from the sign and gathered in an old trunk. They're selling for $25 apiece.

There are chairs, mirrors, tables, dishes, vases, lamps--the contents not only of the barber shop, but of the entire "1930's tenement," as the sign says.

And this might be the best treasure of the bunch--a barber chair for children's haircuts, in the shape of a mid-century automobile. Gorgeous.

I hope the barber's things will find good homes. The sale is at 387 7th Avenue and runs through the weekend, until 4:00 each day.

Clover to Wines
The Clover Barber
A Haircut from Mr. Riccardelli

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Anonymous said...

I live right down the block and while I'm happy the space will be alive with a new business (I love the business that is moving in there and the guys that run it are fantastic and friendly small business owners) I will miss seeing that sign with the little scissors on it. Sad when the old goes out but I'm thankful the memories are just torn down and thrown out like so much of Manhattan is doing these days.