Monday, July 14, 2014

Alan's New Alley

After being forced to close due to rising rents and changes in technology, Alan's Alley video store has found a new home.

When I spoke to Alan in March, he told me he did not think he'd be able to find any place in the city with affordable rent. "It's been a nice 25 years," he said, resigned to closing.

But now he writes on Facebook: "Alan's Alley has happily risen from the ashes. A fortuitous turn of events has given us a new lease on life! We will be moving with D.J. to 164 West 25th Street, Suite 5D. We will be accepting calls starting Friday, July 18th. We should be back in business the following weekend of July 26-27."

Alan's Alley has been in Chelsea since 1988. This weekend they had a wine and cheese party for their customers, to say goodbye to the old place and to thank the many volunteers who showed up to help Alan pack.

Alan's Alley for rent
Alan's Alley closing

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Anonymous said...

The new space will be on the 5th floor, right? To me, this seems like a hobby business. I do NOT mean that in a demeaning way, but the owner clearly loves this way of life, and I would have to wonder if this type of business would do well enough to afford even a reasonable market rate for rent in Manhattan. It's VERY tough to run any business, but a hobby business is even tougher because reasonable business decisions go unchecked for years at a time, because the owner simply wants to keep a certain way of life. Regardless: glad he found a new home.