Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jerry Out in the Cold

As EV Grieve first noticed this morning, the city has shuttered Jerry Delakas' newsstand on Astor Place. When I passed by, Jerry was standing by the stand in the falling snow.

He showed me the broken padlock he found and said, "I just got here. I thought someone broke in." Someone did. It was the city that broke Jerry's lock and put on a lock of their own so he could not open for business today.

Jerry showed up for work this morning thinking he'd make a day's pay. He said that the city did not tell him they were seizing his stand. Technically, Jerry still has 11 days to appeal the recent ruling that he pay $37,000 or vacate. Now, for those 11 days, he won't be making income.

Jerry has been fighting the city for years--after the city took away everyone's stands and gave them to Cemusa.

As Grieve summarized earlier: "He has operated the stand here for 25-plus years. However, he's not the legal license holder. He has been subleasing the newsstand from the family who held the license. Per previous published reports, it was the dying wish of the woman who held the license to allow him to operate the stand and designated him as heir."

Jerry shows the key that no longer works

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Robin said...

Mean city, bah humbug.

EV Grieve said...


Brendan said...

Everything about this story is enraging.

Gavin W said...

I am from London but LOVE New York. I try and get across once a year. What they are doing to the city is cultural vandalism. The politicians always think they know best, get rid of insitutions that people love (although not all things do deserve to be saved!) and in a few years the politicians are gone having ruined the city. WHY do they never learn? WHY do they not care? Or are they all in the pocket of big businesses? I think you know the answer - you never see poor politicians!!

Little Earthquake said...

Governments don't produce anything; they take our money and subtract from our choices. Voila.

Anonymous said...

When is De Blasio's presence going to show up?

This is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Those fucktards. The self-hate is in everything they touch.

Giovanni said...

Bill de Blasio can act right now, last time I checked he was STILL our elected Public Advocate, but he's acting like he's too busy getting ready to be the next Mayor to do his current job. C'mon Bill, you wont be stepping on Bloombergs toes ( if he has any) so why not help Jerry save his newsstand, and start helping a real New Yorker keep the only job he's ever going to have.


laura r said...

right before xmas. nice.