Monday, December 16, 2013

Stile's Market


This morning, reader Dave Mack sent in the following photo and bad news. Stile's Market in Hell's Kitchen is closing on December 31. They hope to open another location in the neighborhood.

photo: Dave Mack

We expected this to happen, but were reassured by Stiles that it would not happen, about a year ago when their neighbor, the Big Apple Meat Market, was forced out of the location to make room for a giant, glassy, luxury tower.

Back then, Stiles put up signs saying, "We are not closing!!! We are not going anywhere! Stile's Farmer Market is here to stay!!!"

this photo: Andrea Kleiman, January 2013

Today, DNA Info contacted the owner, Steve Stile, and reported: "the longtime grocer was forced out after the building was sold. 'My family's so sick you cannot imagine,' he said. 'We tried everything in our power to stay there... We're heartbroken, very heartbroken.'"

They've been here since 1987.

photos from January 2013

Across the avenue, the Elk Hotel is also a goner. And I guess this also means goodbye to the neighboring 99-Cent Fresh Pizza joint. And so another old New York block changes character--by force.

Update: Hell's Kitsch says, "The neighboring pizza place (my favorite $1 slice in the area at the moment) will also be moving, and they’ve already got a location: 360 W 42nd halfway between 8th & 9th."

Big Apple Meat Market
99-Cent Pizza
Inside the Elk


Anonymous said...

That part of the city was a touchstone for me, especially culinary. There was Manganaro's, 2 big fish stores, Stiles, several butchers, and CupCake Cafe had just opened in its original location. I used to love going there in the early 90's. I can't go down that block anymore- literally and figuratively

T.E. Rinaldi said...

99 cent pizza already has a "we're moving" sign posted next to the window.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Ugh, this used to be my shop when I lived down the block. It will remain one of my few positive memories of living in that area, which was rough at the time. I can't even walk over there any more, the neighborhood has changed so much and I feel I can't afford to walk up/down 9th Avenue. So sorry to see them go - it's really the end of an era. If they can't find a new location in the area, they'd be most welcome in the EV (as if that's an affordable option).

Anonymous said...

So sad. Stiles is a great vegetable store w/ a huge selection for a third the price of the rapacious Gristedes or Food Emporium. That stretch of 9th Ave between 36th and 42nd, which was always such a great stretch of old NYC, is probably doomed to the yuppie invasion underway in all those towers nearby.

Hell's Kitsch said...

Devastating news. That area around under the Port Authority feels like the last "gritty" part of 9th Ave left in the area. I guess with that hotel going up next to Stiles eventually those days are almost over... And now there's even fewer options for fresh produce. But it's ok everyone, now we've got Gotham West Market! ...really hope Stiles can find a new home soon.

Anonymous said...

Why is Joe Jr. pictured? It's still open...

PS said...

Stiles moved to 52nd and 9th, where they already had one location. The $.99 pizza place moved to the corner of 42nd and 9th, not "halfway between 8th and 9th." I'm bummed Stiles moved up ten blocks, too, but let's get the facts straight, ok?

Anonymous said...

Stiles didn't move to 52nd St. They've been there for addition to the store on 9th Ave. It's between 8th and 9th Ave. next to the parking lot.