Thursday, December 5, 2013

Doro's Annex

After 33 years in business, the upscale florist shop Doro's Annex has closed on 9th Avenue and 21st Street.

That part of town has been hyper-gentrifying fast. Does anyone know what happened here?


Anonymous said...

It closed a few weeks ago. I noticed some people inside and inquired--they said something to do with non-payment of rent (which sounded fishy). They were giving away ugly vases about two weeks ago. There goes the neighborhood, once again, as Ninth Avenue becomes another Bleecker Street for the tourists.

Ed said...

Posts like this are the reason I keep coming here. One thing you have to get used to living here is the closing of beloved or at least liked establishments without warning. This is one of the few places where you can get some answers to these mysteries, plus some indication if there is a pattern.

Unknown said...

I left Chelsea 4 years ago after living there 19 years. It wasn't home anymore. I moved to Brooklyn and on the rare occasion I go back to Chelsea I have absolutely no connection to anything (especially the people now living there). This was an amazing, beautiful store that always had such amazing flowers on display on that corner. What a sad loss for Chelsea. I'm still glad I got out when I did.