Monday, December 2, 2013

Colony for Christmas

As if getting Halloweenied wasn't humiliation enough, now the former site of Colony Music has been turned into a temporary Christmas store--with the treacly name "Christmas Treasures on Broadway."

From ADFeldman's Instagram, h/t Pippin Parker

I guess the landlord is having trouble finding a big-box national shopping mall chain store willing to pay the $5 million rent that put Colony out after 60 years in business.

See more unnerving photos on their Yelp page:


DrBOP said...

Rockin' around the Christmas spree.....


(And SOMEbody should start a movement to save those iconic doors......'ya know some greed pig developer would just toss 'em, or sell them for salvage.....they should be in some museum.)

MikeB26 said...

Usually I try to write comments that are pithy, or funny, or have some literary merit. But this was just the most depressing thing I've seen in my life.