Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leiter at Lincoln Center

If you missed In No Great Hurry, the documentary on New York street photographer Saul Leiter, you'll now have another chance. The Film Society of Lincoln Center will be showing the film beginning Friday, January 3, for one week only.

Mr. Leiter passed away just weeks ago at the age of 89. I interviewed his friend, Tomas Leach, director of the documentary last month, and recently asked him some follow-up questions--about what Mr. Leiter was working on at the time of his death and if we can look forward to more of his beautiful photography.

Mr. Leach replied:
"It seemed to me that Saul was never really 'working on' something in the same way that people often do. He was a photographer, so he took photos. He was a painter, so he painted. That was as essential to him as walking and eating are to people.

There's been a little burst of attention since Saul's passing. Maybe it will be the kick to wake people up to this great artist hidden amongst us. But as for unseen work, I think we will see some unseen work, but maybe at more of a gentle trickle, which seems fitting."

Watch the trailer, see the movie:


Mitch said...

The embed of the video is too narrow, and you can't see the right hand of it. It's a widescreen video but the embed looks 4:3.

laura r. said...

his work is beautiful. there should be a major show.

Muzz said...

If you can get there, it's so worthwhile...