Monday, July 2, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Hue-Man bookstore in Harlem to shutter--and St. Mark's Books has decided to move out by end of the year. To all of you Kindle people--fuck you. [Crain's]

The gutting of Bill's Gay 90s. [LC]

Check out the big, queer Hot Festival right now. [HOT]

Where did the discarded wood from Coney Island's boardwalk end up? [NYT]

A look back at old Coney restaurants. [Eater]

At Eisenberg's--a good sign:

The East Village gets a big KISS. [EVG]

Upper West Siders win a skirmish against chain stores--what's next? [WSR]

And the Upper West Side loses a 40-year-old pharmacy, thanks to those chain stores. [WSR]

People need grocery stores, not yet another Walgreens. [Gothamist]

Enjoy some Tudor City neon. [NYN]


JAZ said...

I'd like to see some of the bookstores partner with some of the record stores to combine resources and share space. I have a feeling those of us that still actually read books are the same ones that enjoy flipping through record bins for albums/cd's.

Caleo said...

JAZ: Very interesting idea.

Caleo said...

The piece about St. Marks moving if they get the grant is good news. The best way to spend that money is to help finance a move to a reasonably priced location.
As one of the owners said- despite the increase in use of e-books, St.Marks is making enough in book sales as long as they have a cheaper rent.
And I applaud Jeremiah's FU to e-book readers.
I have never held a Kindle, and I never will.

laura said...

groceries & laundry are a thing of the past? the shuttle service is good. you cant blame the "key" food owner, as he needed the $. i would have done the same. but where is "star" market? or some other big grocer chain? you would think they would have bought in. you know, as much as i dont love duane reade (especially a box store), better than a bank.

Jeremiah Moss said...

Caleo, in an ideal world, yes, this would be good news. my fingers will be very tightly crossed that they 1. get the money, 2. find a place in the east village they can afford, 3. succeed in bringing their customer base with them and get the additional foot traffic that comes with the current prime spot, 4. not get priced out of the new location in a few years when the rents triple, 5...

god, there's a lot to worry about in this move.

and a triple FU to the Kindlers! may they burn at the stake of Hell as kindling themselves!

Marty Wombacher said...

@JAZ: Genius idea! I'd love to see Bleecker Bob's and St. Mark's Books merge!

laura said...

forgive me. im always like 2 or 3 decades behind. the kindle is an electric book? like an i pad? but you download books, & pay for each one? kind of like the "netflix" of literature? (i dont have nfx either). anyway best of luck for the bookstore.

Little Earthquake said...

I don't use Kindle and I seldom use bookstores. Waste of money and paper. Support your local library instead. You'll save money and trees, and nobody will raise their rents so you won't have to waste energy hating and cursing people.