Wednesday, July 25, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

On the loss of the literary East Village. [WSJ]

The Bowery Poetry Club gets tossed. [EVG]

The Garment District, which does still exist, is being wiped off the map by yet another neighborhood maker. [Curbed]

NYU expansion is insult and injury to the Village. [NYDN]

Commemorate the anniversary of the mini police riot of 1988--with punk rock in Tompkins Square Park July 29 and August 4 & 5.

Welcome to NOW:

Memories of Sylvia's soul food mecca. [DJ]

The Chelsea Hotel is flooded. [LWL]

In need of a fine men's hairpiece? [LC]

Exploring Queens' abandoned high line. [UNY]


chris flash said...

The July 29 event commemorates the 24th anniversary of the mini police riot of July 30, 1988, followed a week later by the infamous 6 hour police riot inside and outside of Tompkins Square Park on August 6, 1988, in which hundreds of "New York's Finest" from all over the city descended on our neighborhood, indiscriminately clubbing anyone in their sights in furtherance of a non-existent midnight park curfew.

These shows also celebrate the vitality of the counter cultural scene that has survived on the Lower East Side, despite the rampant gentrification, soaring rents and lost venues that have contributed to the cultural genocide sweeping New York City.

All three shows start in the park at 2pm and end at 6pm. They are being brought to you by The SHADOW, Iconicide, Wombat in Combat and Those Fucking Anarchists!!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the final NYU expansion planned passed today by the city council? Why are none of the blogs reporting this?

Caleo said...

As far as NYU expansion goes, as well as rezoning/renaming the Garment District, Fran said it best... " They won ".
And they will keep winning. It hurts to say it, but there is no way around it. These developers and their minions in the city government are in love with themselves and their vision of a never ending upgraded transformation of NYC. Nearly any elected official you can think of is bought and paid for.
Dubai on the Hudson is coming fast.

JAZ said...

Do these idiots that want to turn the Garment District over to the high end fashion boutiques realize that thousands of office workers in that area need AND WANT the discount stores as well as the affordable lunches that the bodegas offer? Jesus fucking Christ guys, can we at least PRETEND that somebody gives a shit about the people that don't go to runway shows in Milan? I guess coming from an administration that couldn't be bothered to protect the city's elderly and vulnerable against the city's most infamous landlord this should be expected.

laura said...

they won world wide across the board. where i am now, (not nyc, not usa), there have to be like 2 dozen housing developments. many strip malls, walmarts, blackcoffees, whatever. the poor, the farmers, the small businesses are wiped out. the vision is tucson meets san diego? you dont even know where you are. it all looks the fxxking same. i bet "they" all know each other, corruption rules. (when i see a cluster of old time mom& pops i do my shopping there).

maximum bob said...

I work in the W 30's and it's one of the last bastions of normalcy in the city. It is a pleasure walking around the streets and looking at the buildings and businesses that
exist here. I'm sickened by this plan.

Little Earthquake said...

Does anyone know if the NYU expansion goes beyond the W Sq. Village block (or super block)? Because I was looking at the revised plans to day and it looks to me like they're cramming everything into that space.

The reason I ask is, that block was plowed over long ago by Moses and already sucks. Except for the Morton Williams which I like, and the garden of of course.

Anonymous said...

I remember that '88 riot quite well. I had driven into the city that day (I dont remember why?) in my grandfathers hand me down late 70s Ford Torino. As fate would have it I drove right down Ave. A into the fracas. Some mohawked punks threw bottles at mt car and called me a "Fucking Yuppie". Here I am in my grandpas beat up blue Torino with hair down to my ass and I was getting called a yuppie? I just started laughing and somehow made it through.

Grand St. said...

"The reason I ask is, that block was plowed over long ago by Moses and already sucks."

So Moses clearing these blocks 60 years ago means NYU can shoehorn whatever outsized garbage they want in the middle of Greenwich Village. What bullshit!

Are you taking the piss with this nonsense, Earthquake, or does NYU pay your rent?