Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Manganaro's to Tavola

Back in February we saw the gorgeous, heartbreakingly authentic (and scary to some) Manganaro's shutter after 119 years in business on 9th Avenue. The family that owned the place had had enough and we worried that a Subway or 7-11 might take its place.

On a recent walk by, I spotted a new sign: TAVOLA.

The sign is in the vertical style of the old Manganaro's sign, with a buff of faux rust to make it look old, and I wondered if the Dell'Orto sisters had decided to start up a new business. So I asked the neighbors.

"It's a new guy," I was told. "They're making brick-oven pizza."

The front has been completely redone, though in keeping with the antique look of the place. A peek at the inside, however, shows a total gutting. Honestly, I can't bear to look at it, all clean and bright.

I loved the old place so much--the long, dark walkway through festoons of hanging salami, into the back dining room with its little mismatched tables and chairs from the 1960s, the plastic-on-felt tablecloths, the crummy wood paneling, the big Toledo scale, the faded photographs of family members and forgotten movie stars. It was perfect.

Well. At least it's not another fucking 7-11. And, who knows, maybe you'll see a Dell'Orto sister or two once in awhile.


Manganaro's Grosseria
Manganaro's Vanished
Manganaro's Gutted
Red-Sauce Joints


David said...

I'm glad it's a new--I'm assuming--local business but the kind of amazing attitude/atmosphere of a place like Manganaro's takes years (or a century) to create. Hopefully this new place is in it for the long haul.

Anonymous said...

Of course. Anything for Bloomberg's whiny little kiddies.

laura said...

"J" you're a ca-vetch. what is he supposed to do, make it dirty? looks like a nice small private owned shop. just what you say we need. ok, its not as interesting as the other one. but you want an olive garden chain? a subway? a cupcake store. maybe the pizza is good? not sure if the "oven baked" is supposed to be bad? i am w/"david" on this one. (he's young, he's cute, he has good intentions, & a positive attitude. yes i hope they succeed).

Anonymous said...

I loved Seline et al too...and all Manganaros was. But they were shiny and clean when they started too. Like folks are saying, better this than a franchise. Maybe he'll be good.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Fed Leo in a NYC field office and I went to this place once with some fellow agents and or coworkers. But we were shocked at the attitude the owners had they were very rude to the people before us many were tourists. I also noticed they were very overpriced and Imo? I guess it was the kids or the daughters who destroyed this once landmark shop.

Needless to say we did not stay and the coworker who recommended we go there said he grew up near there and used to visit the place many times in the past but only recently came back to NY and wanted to show us the place but even he was shocked at what happened to the place, now this agent is in his 60's and now retired from our 3 letter Fed LE agency. Sad to say the least.