Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lascoff Demo

Following up on last Friday's news that the gorgeous, century-old Lascoff Drugs on the Upper East Side has suddenly closed, readers have sent in some photos of what appears to be a quickie dismantling.

Elizabeth Manus shows us the signs on the cathedral-like doors that tell customers to take their prescriptions to another drugstore.

Already, the gorgeous, antique facade is being dismantled. In this picture, you can see the conical copper awning is gone.

And here is the awning, in a photo sent in by reader Stephanie. It sits on the sidewalk waiting to be hauled into a truck--and taken where? And what about its neon sign, which New York Neon says is one of the oldest in New York City?

A series of permits makes it clear--the interior will be demolished.

sent in by Elizabeth Manus

This stunning museum to pharmaceuticals will be demolished? How can this be happening? What happened to Lascoff's?



Lascoff Drugs Vanishing


David said...

I'm practically dying inside just reading about this! I used to live nearby and loved walking by. What do want to bet it's replaced by a Duane Reade/Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid?

maximum bob said...

Everything old and beautiful must go.
It's the law.

mingusal said...

Didn't the Lascoff's people own the building after all of these years? If they did, perhaps they decided to get out of the dying independent pharmacy business while the getting was good, demo their interior before someone thought to landmark it, and make some easy money renting out their prime location.

If they were still renting for some reason though, then it's probably just the same old same old...

In any event, the wholesale destruction of NYC's commercial history continues unabated. The loss of the breathtaking Lascoff's is a particularly painful one though

Anonymous said...

just awful

Jeremiah Moss said...

i want to believe it's just being cleaned up. but...

Anonymous said...

i pass it daily and judging by the type of work going on, i doubt it will be demolished. i also happen to know that the space is available for lease. who knows.