Wednesday, July 18, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

"The city needs a life of the mind." Cash Mob at St. Mark's Bookshop, Saturday at 3pm. (Don't make me look like an idiot--please show up!) [NYDN]

...because "It is beloved by cultural icons, borough presidents and bookworms far and wide." [NYO]

A heartbreaking film on the demise of Bleecker Bob's (and the Village). [CNY]

A lovely little film on the Mosaic Man--complete with vintage shots of Jim. [Etsy]

A look inside Westbeth, after an artist's death. [CR]

The Bowery's restaurant supply stores are vanishing fast. [NYO]

Has Mars Bar really been closed for a whole year already? [EVG]

The wreckage of Floyd Bennett Field. [Kensinger]

That Timeshare Backyard thing is back again. [TLD]

Red Hook IKEA littered with the sticky condoms of horny teenagers. [NYO]


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there already a cash mob for St. Marks Books? Great bookstore, but the cash mobs should choose a new business each time.

Marty Wombacher said...

That's great the Daily News picked the story up about the cash mob! On Friday I hope everyone tweets and posts on facebook about it to remind everyone. And even if you don't live here you can be part of the mob by buying a book online Saturday.

randall said...

I have a question. When did people start calling the other boroughs of NYC, "The Outer Boroughs" I mean there's only four of them (besides Manhattan of course) and none are more removed from Manhattan than the others in the contiguous sense. An outer borough would imply a level of inner boroughs and there are none. Can anyone help me answer this?

JAZ said...

From the Bowery Restaurant Supply story:

"According to him, the feeling is that New York City authorities do not want the suppliers in Manhattan anymore, evidenced by an increase of sidewalk obstruction tickets in the last three years. Where once City Hall had neglected the street and left its denizens to their own devices, now it is nagging them, and providing yet another reason to move away. “They did the same thing with fabric supply stores on Orchard street,” he said. “Now it is happening here.”

And there it is in a nutshell - if you are not one of the beautiful people, a tourist, or a hipster on urban adventure, the administration would prefer you gather elsewhere.

Ken Mac said...

Isn't the Superior sign in Chelsea?