Tuesday, July 17, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

On 1st Ave in the East Village, the neighbors are begging Ugly Kitchen's "ugly" customers to please, please have some respect:

Pick up a copy of the latest Housedeer, from Romy, featuring the marvelous Justin Vivian Bond. [HD]

Happy 50th anniversary to Paul and his Daughter on the Coney Island Boardwalk! [ATZ]

Chelsea Hotel endures plagues of Biblical proportions. It's bad. [LWL]

Luxury hotel's rooftop pool becomes neighbors' personal Hell: "are these just a bunch of olds who are jealous that these youngs are having more fun than them?" [Eater]

East Village Town Hall--tonight. Go give 'em a piece of your mind. [EVG]

Are New Yorkers finally tired of Starbucks? [Slate]

A peek at the hoarder house of South Slope. [OMFS]

Who goes to Piccolo Venezia? [LC]

Landscape artist Matthew Jensen finds amazing things by the Harlem River. [NYer]

Apocalyptic web series filmed in the city's abandoned spaces. [Gothamist]

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