Monday, January 16, 2012

Hotel Chelscheetz

Commenter Jeff calls our attention to the (real or faked?) Facebook profile pic (changed since this posting) of boutique hotelier Ed Scheetz, who is now heading up the management of the newly gutted Chelsea Hotel.

Says Jeff, "Its Patti smith standing in front of the Chelsea with Robert Mapplethorpe and Ed has photoshopped his face onto Roberts head!! and it says Hotel Chelscheetz."

Meanwhile, listen to Ed Hamilton talk about the hotel and last week's Patti Smith kerfuffle on the Mike & Judy Show.

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Grand St. said...

Pic's been changed.
Proof of "real" (?)

Jeremiah Moss said...

interesting Grand St.--could be. why would a spoofer change it? some are saying this might have been the invitation to the private Patti Smith show last week, which may have been a birthday party.

Little Earthquake said...

If this whole kerfuffle is about the Chelsea Hotel being gutted and glammed up, in my opinion there is way too much focus from both sides on Patti Smith. She's become such a distraction, perhaps this obsession has siphoned attention from the hotel's transformation? I've not studies the issue closely, but that is the impression I get. Wouldn't you agree that the actions of one woman are a lightning rod in this case?

Jeremiah Moss said...

re: the image--it also says "Happy Birthday, You Legend," and it's signed. so it may be a birthday card that someone made for Scheetz.

re: the focus on Patti--could be seen as a distraction, but it's bringing more attention to the situation than the situation itself ever did.