Tuesday, January 31, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Take a peek at the newly renovated, cleaned-up park at Bleecker and 11th--sponsored by an anonymous donor the neighbors believe is Marc Jacobs:

There is only one record store left on St. Mark's Place. [EVG]

Under the Coney Island boardwalk, a remnant of a vanished bar. [ATZ]

A last look at the Holiday Cocktail Lounge. [LC]

What happened to the ex-chorus girls and vaudevillians of the Whitby? [ENY]

Memories of Bleecker Bob's. [FP]

Romy offers some notes about Vali. [WIC]

Walking Stuyvesant to Tompkins Square. [FNY]


Katrink said...

That ghost bar on the boardwalk is underneath Ruby's. A bunch of us went "spelunking" down there back in Oct. 2008 or so, on their last day of the season. I took a number of spooky photos with my 35mm; wish I'd had my digital camera at that time! Gotta find a way to scan and post them. The only illumination was the flash from our cameras and a very feeble flashlight. It was like a very eerie cobwebbed moldy version of the Ruby's upstairs. The big old Dr. Pepper sign and the old metal detector that hang on the wall back by the bathrooms were rescued on that expedition.

Tricia said...

Spelunking for Rathskellers, a new Coney island sport! It's hard to imagine now but all of the stores in this Boardwalk building once had basement bars. With a little digging maybe we'll find some 10 cent beer. The menu that was discovered on the wall is the place next door to Ruby's, the former souvenir shop. It's a souvenir worth keeping

Anonymous said...

It's not Marc Jacobs.