Thursday, January 12, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

I'm posting at The Paris Review Daily today--a kind of behind-the-scenes blog-walk back in October to visit Ray's Pizza--if you like it, please leave a comment there. Maybe I can do some more. Thanks for reading. [PRD]

This week, street artist Jay Shells turned a JR eye on the old Village Paper into an exuberant homage to Clockwork Orange:

A round-up of media coverage of Patti Smith's controversial Chelsea Hotel concerts. [LWL]

The Voice reports on the Chelsea story. [RS]

If these walls could talk--an inside look at the Chelsea Hotel with a 17-year resident. [MF]

Take a photographic walk through the East Village in 1997. [EVG]

Retail company REI to turn public Sara Roosevelt park into advertising opportunity, aka "Winter Wonderland." [BB]

A "monster deal" for Shake Shacker Danny Meyer at Bloomberg's Hudson Yards. [Eater]

A 7-11 is birthed beneath the Flatiron Building. [FP]

Casinos for Coney? [ATZ]


chris said...

That 7-11 isnt in the Flatiron building. Its on 5th between 26th & 27th, but still. I will be guilty as charged that I will go there. In my 30+ years in NY I always had to go to Queens of Brooklyn to get a slurpee, now I walk around the corner. Dont worry folks, most of my purchases will still come from Adam and Mike at My Place Deli. I just love a slurpee.

Anonymous said...

the "art" of FAILE is a disgruntled gentrifier's take on what "street" is- an eighth rate child of the commercial andy warhol. seriously, the white wall (even the who knows what it was of that close up of the face and eyes) was looking great on houston street before that FAILEd crap went up.