Tuesday, January 17, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

The once-wonderful Gordon Novelty Shop is getting filled--with fancy kitchen wares from Williamsburg, because food is New York's fetish. [Racked]

Ed Hamilton talks about the Chelsea Hotel demolition--and we learn what a PFA is--on the Mike & Judy Show. [M&J]

Check out Death and Life on the Bowery: an interview with Drew Hubner and Ted Barron. [NSTAW]

Bloomberg gets heckled and shouted down by crowd in Harlem. [RS]

Signs of Coney's Club Atlantis resurface. [ATZ]

A new batch of ghost signs. [FNY]

Script in New York neon signs. [NYN]

The last remnant of Mars Bar fades away. [EVG]


Space Pope said...

"Bloomberg gets heckled and shouted down by crowd in Harlem."

He's lucky all he walked away with was a heckling. I've seen people lobbing used diapers at politicians who talk a mile of trash.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

He wasn't too popular at BAM either.

Ed said...

I'm going to give Bloomberg some credit. The reality is that people like him have been running this city for some time, but they've not been going to events in Harlem to get heckled about it. Their puppet politicians were doing that instead. In 2001 it became important that a member of the overclass himself was seen as visibly taking charge, and I've always been curious about the reasons for that change.