Thursday, January 5, 2012

Atlas Meats Demo

A couple of weeks ago I announced that the demolition of Atlas Meats had begun. It's moving along at a lightning-fast clip. Most of the historic building is already in rubble.

June 2011


Above the wasted landscape of fallen bricks and dust, the painted red and pink lipsticked mouths of Diane Von Furstenberg's flagship hover, like alien spacecraft after an attack, surveying the destruction.

On the ground, the demolition claw grabs a hunk of twisted metal, shakes it in its massive fist, and lets it drop, a dog worrying its prey to break the neck.

A whole world is vanishing before our eyes.


thegaycurmudgeon said...

R.I.P. M.P.D.

esquared™ said...

Atlas shrugged

Ken Mac said...

same as it ever was in this town; the end is near, oh look it's here

Anonymous said...

Any idea what will be located here? Marc Jacobs? Ralph Lauren/Polo? Gap? Oh well, Bloomberg will make it safe and clean for the tourists. NYC is just another mall.

Anonymous said...

I'm truly heartbroken about this building's destruction. One of the gems of the city. I, too, shot it many, many times. Now it seems, never enough.
C. McP.