Thursday, January 26, 2012

*Everyday Chatter

Bad day--first, Bleecker Bob's is turning into a Starbucks, then the Holiday Cocktail Lounge is closing, and then...

The last H&H Bagels location has been seized and shuttered. [Eater]

Timboo's of Park Slope is gone. [OMFS]

From strip club to strip mall, on the sad fate of JJ's Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge. [BP]

The man who played Juan Epstein in Welcome Back Kotter is dead. [NJ]

Artists attack Gowanus Whole Foods plan. [Racked]

The last days of Little Italy (I miss Sal the barber). [LIFE]

Excerpts from the New York diaries. [MF]

On Fraunces Tavern. [NYDN]

Take another look into the old Hollywood theater of Avenue A--before it's demolished. [EVG]


Melanie said...

I remember going to Fraunces Tavern when I was about 5 years old. My Dad was Commander of American Legion Post and they had a dinner for him. I remember meeting some very interesting people at that time.I was much more sociable when I was young. Howard Kossell followed my Dad as the next Commander. That was over half a century ago. Very interesting place.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

This is the most depressing Everyday Chatter ever.

@Melanie - last time I was in Fraunces, it was a hot summer and two female tourists were looking around when one of their phones rang. The woman answered it and stood there frozen for a few moments before saying, "OK" and hanging up. She then turned casually to her friend and said, "Well, the house is gone" and continued looking at the displays. Her house had burned in a CA wildfire. I couldn't believe the news didn't seem to affect them...and that they were in the Fraunces Tavern when so much drama was going on elsewhere.

Melanie said...

@ Goggla--let's go there!!!

Anonymous said...

Depressing. I was thinking that, seriously, lots of "foodie" places are really "hipster" places, and that the clientele is not really appreciating the food, but reveling in "being cool." I'm not sure they have that "refined palate" but are posing and positioning. I still like some of the standards that are about the food, not the label.