Wednesday, November 30, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Oh no, no, no--Bill's Gay 90s files for bankruptcy in financial rift with landlord. [LC]

Take a look out Harvey Wang's window--at the Tenement Museum. [CR]

Harry Potter to play Allen Ginsberg--a better fit than Franco's Howl? [Gothamist]

Longtime holistic and homeopathic EV Veterinarian shuttered. [BB]

A drink at Rolf's twinkly spectacular. [MAD]

You can rent the last empty storefront in Coney's Stillwell terminal. [ATZ]

When will NYC's massive tourist bubble burst? [NYM]


Marty Wombacher said...

Everybody should go to Bill's Gay 90's, have some drinks and help them from surrendering to future asshole owners.

Grade "A" Fancy said...

What we need is an "NYC Channel" on TV to turn around the Hollywood "Friends" image of the city. What we need is "Car 54," "Barney Miller," even "The Dick Van Dyke Show." Anything with prune Danish. And lots of "Naked City,""Taking of Pelham 1-2-3," "Shaft" and "Serpico."

And btw, I want to start using “Get into the shot, and let’s get this over with.” !!

Jeremiah Moss said...

what can we do? seriously, does anyone know the owner? maybe we could start a Kickstarter campaign, a petition--these tactics have been working!

Katrink said...

Some years ago my husband and I attended an event at Gracie Mansion. Got a "photo op" with Bloomturd (couldn't resist), and he does the old grab and grip with great efficiency and zero warmth. You get positioned and the photo is taken in such a way that his, shall we say, lack of stature, is de-emphasized. Better yet, my husband, proudly wearing his DC37 polo shirt, made sure to give the Emperor a VERY hearty handshake. His wince was captured on film and we display the photo with glee!

Grand St. said...

Love Grade "A" Fancy's idea. Channel 11 aired an Odd Couple marathon on Thanksgiving and I felt like I'd hit the lottery.

Crazy Eddie said...

@Grand ST.-Classic Odd Couple NYC episode "The New Car". Felix and Oscar win a car and it’s a disaster trying to find parking for it. So they try to deal with a totally unscrupulous garage owner as played by John Byner. As Felix and Oscar (Felix try’s to bribe Byner with a $10 bill-LOL), walk away in disgust, Byner calls out to them and says: “Yous will be back begging on your knees like my mother was.”

Little Earthquake said...

"Longtime holistic and homeopathic EV Veterinarian shuttered."

No tears to shed on that one. Should read "Longtime psuedoscientific bilker of suckers' money shuttered." Let's rezone the "psychics" while we're at it.

Grand St. said...

Eddie, that's such a classic. I laugh just thinking about it. "What'll this get us?" "Two fives."

Check this item out: