Friday, November 18, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Torrisi guys taking over Rocco's are now offering a "gastronomic tour of New York City that runs $125 a head" and represents the current NYC moment with a tribute to Jay-Z: oysters in Armand de Brignac champagne and pieces of broken bottle. [F&W] via [Eater]

No more delicious cheese pots and crackers at the bar at Sardi's! [Eater]

Is this finally the end for Mary Help of Christians Church? [EVG]

"Years ago I used to see Johnny Ramone in Old Chelsea Station all the time, in his holey jeans and leather jacket, opening up his P.O. box. Back then the notion of any post office closing would have been as hard for me to imagine as imagining Johnny Ramone as a conservative Republican, which, I just recently learned, he was." [WIC]

Racugglia Funeral Home in Carroll Gardens takes down its great old neon sign--hopefully just temporarily. [LC]

A play-by-play of yesterday's Occupy Everywhere. [NYM]

Don't miss the Woody Allen documentary on PBS Sunday. [NYT]


Ed said...

The DOH has been making war on bar snacks (I know it sounds ridiculous, but that is really the best description of what they are doing) for several years. Unless there is a change of policy, expect all free bar food in this city to go the way of, well, dancing, in a few years.

Katrink said...

When I first moved to NYC in 1984 and was scraping by on a mailroom clerk's salary, free bar food was literally my bread and butter!

Marty Wombacher said...

That sucks about the cheese and crackers at Sardi's. Another tradition out the window. DOH!

Jeremiah Moss said...

i REALLY love those cheesepots and crackers. the last time i went, a couple was hogging the cheesepot, and i wasn't assertive enough to barge in, so i went cheese and crackerless.

i figured, "next time." regretting that now.

Grade "A" Fancy said...

This war on bar snax has got to be stamped out. First the Grand Central Oyster Bar, now Sardi's. The great thing about the cheez at Sardi's is--WAS--that if you weren't near it, the bartender would make you a little plate. Sigh. I wonder why they can't just do it that way? You don't even HAVE to refrigerate cheese! INSANITY! Just shut dangerously filthy joints, DOH; why are you messing with something that is not a problem?

maximum bob said...

The DOH are the worst kind of bureacratic nazis, literally a bunch of "little Eichmanns".
Their original purpose was probably
to safeguard the public health, but
they have evolved, like most government bureaucracies, into a poisonous behemoth whose main purpose is to suck money out of
businesses for the city and make life miserable for everybody.
Don't question the nanny state, they always know what's best for us, the helpless public.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know why NYC is being destroyed, you have only to look at its elfin mayor and his storm troopers. As I watch OWS streamed, it's hard to believe this is the USA. Bloomie is the lap dog of the 1%; as such, he will turn NYC into a theme park for them.

Brendan said...

Speaking of bar snacks, anyone else like Spain Restaurant on W. 13th? You can make a whole dinner out of the free bar food. They better not shut that down.

You'd think the DOH would have something to say about serving food with broken glass in it, no?

Anonymous said...

@maximum bob - your hyperbole is disturbing. let's not compare the DOH to the organizers of genocide.

JAZ said...

I'm so glad the DOH is there to think for us while we sit at a bar. Banned bar peanuts, and now it is making sure we don't suffer death by cheese.

Here's an idea about that bowl of peanuts sitting there; if you're allergic to peanuts, DON'T. FUCKING. EAT. THEM.

I'm wondering if this is all some sort of reversable fad of temporary insanity; Or has the city government conducted endless studies that say tourists and Western European transplants are afraid of dangerous New York bar snacks, as well as any establishment that doesn't have a branch in Des Moines?

If the city is going to become one giant Bank of America with a Gap, Dunkin Donuts, TGIF, Starbucks, and artisanal cupcake shop(pe) inside anyway, please do me a favor; Get it over with already; I'm sick of giving myself false hope that the future might hold any other option.

Sean said...

The waiter told me that DOH has forced McSorley's to switch from its century-old tradition of having Coleman's Hot English mustard in open mini-beer steins on the table to now having it in metal, gravy-serving style dispensers with a lid.

It just takes away from the authenticity.