Monday, November 7, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Jonathan Lethem visits Occupy Wall Street today at 3:30--Douglas Rushkoff will be there on Wednesday. [OWSL]

How did the second Buy a Book Weekend go? St. Mark's co-owner Terry tells me, "We've had a great weekend! The store's been packed." Thanks to everyone who bought books this weekend--keep it up.

Marty visits the EV and buys some books at St. Mark's. (I want that comic-book ad book.) [MAD]

Go to Rocco's soon--the new kids are (in their own words) "going to be taking over." [Grub]

Remembering Yiddish theater in the East Village. [Villager]

The historic 316 E. 3rd is about to be demolished for the "most loathed architect" in New York. [EVG]

Neon turns 100 this week. [NYN]

Holding an iPhone ransom on the Lower East Side. [BB]

Handsome Dick on the web. [FP]

Bloomberg has "engineered the perfect NYC, where anyone with initiative is worth millions, and where the rest of us should be content to Occupy Ourselves with the corporate morphine dripping out of iPhones and advertising." [Restless]

The weirdness of "Retail Grief." [NYM]

Among the ruins of Coney's Beer Island. [ATZ]

The 11-mile march to Occupy Wall Street begins. [Gothamist]


BabyDave said...

The Villager piece reminded me: Sunday afternoon I was along the Yiddish Theater Walk of Fame and wondered if anyone would maintain it.
Might Chase possibly be interested in keeping neighborhood history alive? It couldn't hurt to ask.

Kenny G said...


While no one was looking, we lost a grand old restaurant last month, La Petit Auberge on Lex and 28th. The website says that they "retired" after 35 years. Hmmm.

Kenny G

Jeremiah Moss said...

thanks Kenny. Lost City was paying attention: