Tuesday, November 1, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

The Subway Inn's Facebook page says: "Subway Inn is now open for business again as promised! Sorry renovations took so long!" All is well.

Visit the new and improved Forgotten New York for more forgotten stuff every day--and drop them a line if you'd like to advertise there. [FNY]

After 13 years of blooming, Red Hook's King Street community garden has just been murdered. Visit flickr for the story and gory photos. Says reader Chris, "The word on the street is that it will be condos and retail space." [flickr]

Marty says goodbye (or not) to Ruby's bar. [MAD]

Is the Lower East Side just a "musty...bargain basement"? [BB]

Philip Lopate writes about the High Line. [DOG]

Cooper Union so broke they might start charging tuition. [EVG]

Bloomberg skimps on the Halloween treats. Maybe he's broke like Cooper Union is broke. [Gothamist]

A couple shots from Halloween Night--God sends a text and so does a Hell demon:


Grade "A" Fancy said...

Just looked in on the Subway Inn fb page. I hope this post was a joke:
"Subway Inn finally has it's own drink. The Drink is called "Subway Punch". (Price: $10) Mention that you saw this on facebook and you could win a free hug from any bartender of choice!!"

pheezy said...

More on Cooper Union:

Alex said...

Maybe if Cooper Union hadn't built that new ├╝berugly building, they wouldn't have to consider charging tuition.