Tuesday, November 29, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

On saving Bill's Gay 90s, Brooks offers: "a news flash to Mr. DeLucie: Bill's already has an old-time feel. Don't fuck it up with your vile whoring-after-the-1%, faux-authentic sensibilities. This is not your element. You have no idea what a real New York tavern is. So: Back. The. Hell. Away. From. Bill's." [LC]

Hinsch's saved--reopens to great excitement in Bay Ridge. [NYDN]

French street artist JR covers the windows of unrented retail space at 456 West 19th with his big monochromatic eyes:

Finding an undiscovered clutch of vintage neon in the Bronx. [NYN]

Harlemisms from 1951--you dig? [DTDB]

What's the story with backhouses? (Not to be confused with the Italian back'ows.) [OTG]

7-story condo-type thing to replace countercultural theater on Ave. B. [EVG]


BrooksNYC said...

Brooks of Sheffield is in no mood to mince words. Hear, hear.

Authenticity is priceless, a fact which the moneyed hot-shots can't seem to grasp. Or maybe they do grasp it, and just don't care.

There must be people who could take over a place like Bill's and treat it with sensitivity and respect. (Although, truth be told, such people are rarely blessed with big, glitzy, hot-shot money.)

Marty Wombacher said...

Great pull quote from Brooks about Bill's Gay 90s!