Thursday, November 17, 2011

*Everyday Chatter

Blayze sends in this pic and the good news--the Waverly Diner's neon lights are shining again:

The fight to save Caffe Vivaldi moves on to Move On. [BB]

Go behind the scenes at the great DeRobertis pastry shop in the EV. [RNYE]

The big M over the Milford Plaza has vanished. [NYN]

Before and afters for the Coney Boardwalk. [ATZ]

Joe's Bar has reopened. [EVG]

NYC's delightful decorative squirrels. [ENY]

Avenue Jew appears in Midwood--as anti-semitism is on the rise across the country. [NYM]

OWS tries to shut down Wall Street. Occupy everywhere--today. [Gothamist]

Coney Island whitefish, way off course, stuck to the floor of the C train:


maximum bob said...

Yesterday after work in the Eight Ave subway there were douchebags
working for Sprint yelling at people to use their cell phones on the platforms. Apparently, the worst idea
the MTA ever had is up and running.
Be prepared for a fresh descent into hell.

esquared™ said...

aprops to milford plaza...

as a kid, i remember watching this ad late night between the twilight zone, odd couple, honeymooners, on the old wpix


JAZ said...

Yep, that's a Coney Island Whitefish alright; must've transferred at Jay St.

Marty Wombacher said...

Great news about the Waverly neon! Anybody know when it's going to reopen? I'm jonesing for a Waverly Melt!

Crazy Eddie said...

Ah, Coney Island Whitefish. Or what we call on Remulak a discarded piece of a high fructose and very tasty chewing substance!

James Campbell Taylor said...

I second everything Marty said.

randall said...

Remember that old ad to the tune of "Lullaby of Broadway"

...And in the center of it all, is the Milford Plaza.

Damn...Beat to it. Maybe I should read the comments a little closer.